2013.10.15 - Current Projects...

P.S. the Massachusetts tech tax is indeed dead -- it was fully repealed on Sept 27 by near-unanimous vote. Thanks to all who helped to avert that potential disaster!


I've been busy with contract work the last few months, mostly php/js/sql for a big wordpress site. So I'm practically a wordpress expert all of a sudden. What can I say? It's popular, it pays the bills, it's a great CMS for AJAX-heavy sites.

Finding a little time for other stuff now... I finally switched to Debian 7, configured like AVLinux. Made some progress on Tritium back in November. Also keeping one foot in gamedev... picked up a gamepad, sorted out the html5 api... that'll be in Revel Immortal next week, and it paves the way for my own games. :D